As an importer, how to handle regulations within your company and across borders?

When the time is right and your company has grown beyond the capacity of its own country’s market, you will most likely expand your supplier operations to a larger scale in order to achieve more sales. However, you will come across numerous situations and rules that weren’t present on a previous, smaller scale. You will not only have to adhere to the compliance rules of the companies you are trading with, but also to different judicial and fiscal regulations.


Of course, the first question to ask is: How do you achieve more sales as a supplier in times of continuous change, without violating your company’s compliance rules in the process? So, for example, respecting the required factory-importer-dealer-end user flow?

The second question involves international trading: Do you lack experience in international car trading and are therefore unfamiliar with all the judicial and fiscal regulations for cross-border goods traffic? Or maybe you are unsure about the customs requirements that must be satisfied?

Either way, you don’t have to worry as Quadriga can guide you throughout each step of the entire sales process. No matter the situation.


When working with a trusted partner, you have no need to worry about compliance issues. We naturally take your internal regulations into account when selling cars on. Indeed, thanks to our international network of customers we can organise the usual flow at all times and pretty much everywhere.

You also need a partner who remains calm when resales are slow. One that does not start panic selling when there is a surplus supply, but waits until the excess of similar cars on the market disappears. One that also doesn’t start to panic buying when there is a supply shortage. We stay patient and act when the time is right.

We do not seek a one-off profit, we look for partners with whom we can develop a lovely, long-term trading relationship. We therefore make clear agreements about how we sell your cars and we simply never violate such agreements.

Thanks to our long-term collaboration with transport partners we can act very quickly and move large volumes in a short period

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We know the international trade legislation, including VAT laws, like the back of our hand, and are in full compliance. This means that neither we nor you as our supplier will face any nasty surprises. We will also tell you exactly which customs documents you must provide, should we need them at all.

Every sale is carefully considered. We never send out a wild offer, but search the world specifically for the best, most appropriate, trustworthy customers in our network. These have of course undergone a strict selection procedure.

Also, we never offer an identical product (brand/model/type) to two competitors. We always sell the cars in a geographical area that is sufficiently large. After all, we wish to avoid a price war, as this is of no benefit to anyone. If our customers fail to make a profit with our cars they will no longer buy from us, our sales will decline and the market price will drop.

When it comes to transport we can count on a select network of land and sea transport partners who will go to the ends of the earth for both you and us. They will happily and quickly provide the required lorries, space in ships, etc. since we have an enduring and positive relationship.

Finally we are also efficient in completing the relevant administration, such as registration of the vehicles in the required country, and communicate properly with you, as our supplier.


Quadriga has or provides everything you require: All the necessary knowledge of international trade legislation, accurate information about the necessary customs documents, trusty transport partners and perfect administration and efficient communication.

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